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Insurance Review Request

The Benefits of an Annual Insurance Review

Most homeowners secure an insurance policy when they first purchase a home, but may not realize the importance of periodically reevaluating their insurance needs. This oversight that can eventually lead in to a gap in their insurance coverage.

One example is being, someone who insures their home for $300,000 based upon their initial purchase price. A few years down the road it may cost considerably more money to rebuild this home, leaving a substantial gap in coverage, ultimately putting a homeowner in a bad position at the time of a significant loss.

Renovating a home would be another example, just consider how much cost and return value is involved in a simple bathroom or kitchen renovation. Not only is the annual insurance review a time to make certain that you are properly covered, but it’s also a good time to make sure that you are taking advantage of all of the potential policy discounts that you may qualify for over time.

Please note: You cannot bind, alter or cancel coverage without speaking to an authorized representative of Andis Insurance Agency. Coverage cannot be assumed to be bound without written confirmation from an authorized representative of Andis Insurance Agency.

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